Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We're back! One Year Old!

 It's been a while...we know! But the summer got away from us and now, here we are mid-August, and it's almost Dylan's one year birthday (next Friday, August 17th)! We can't believe it's been a whole year since Baby D came into this world. We are so lucky to have such a fun guy around with his hilarious eating, squealing and all around happy nature! Here are some highlights from the summer...

Trips to Mission Beach and Twisp, Wa

Lots of beach time at Lola and Papa D's house

D's first week away at Grandma Rose and Grandpa Roger's house (while we were vacationing in Nashville for Andy's annual WIAA conference). Be sure to note "D-Rey's Crib" in the background! Constructed by Grandpa Roger

Pool time in Camas with Grandma Rose!

As if D doesn't get enough to eat he always scampers over when he hears the dishwasher open to grab any  last bites off the silverware!

Beach toes

Beach face
Boating on Lake Washington with Libby and Ford...doesn't love the life jacket so much!
On the boat D loved crawling around and enjoyed ALL the snacks!

Berry picking with mom

Hanging with the ladies...Sawyer and Julia at Newcastle Beach Park (and Steph and Ash).  So lucky to have beach days with friends!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Hungry Games

It's no secret that our son likes to eat.  Now that he's mobile, he's literally trying to devour anything he can get his hands on.  We're probably not helping the situation by laughing hysterically and shoving a camera in his face every time he starts to gnaw on something.  Comedy trumps safety, right?

Here's our tribute to Dylan's insatiable appetite...

And, of course, a few video installments:

Monday, April 30, 2012


This year for Darin's spring break, we decided to treat Dylan to his first trip involving a plane ride with a vacation to Maui.  Despite very little concern at the time we booked our tickets, Darin and I had managed to generate a decent amount of anxiety about how our little guy was going to behave on the five-hour plane ride when it came time to depart.  Thankfully, he was a champ and was exceptionally well behaved.  It's worth noting that we were lucky enough to be seated next to some very baby-friendly travelers in both directions of our trip.

Having arrived in Maui two days prior, Auntie Brie collected us from the airport when we arrived.  In less than 48-hours on the island, she'd done a thorough job getting the lay-of-the-land and gathering a month's worth of activity recommendations for us to consider.  We spent the rest of the day at Brie's hotel in Ka'anapali by the pool followed by a delicious sunset dinner at a little restaurant in Lahaina called Mala.  Brie had been two nights before and had shared the dining area with Hayden Panettiere (celebrity sighting!).  

After dinner, we made our way south to check in at our condo at Menehune Shores in Kehei, our lodging for the week.  It proved to be a great recommendation from the Zorins, with a lovely lanai where we ate most of our breakfasts and dinners, a rooftop deck perfect for sunsets, and a mile and a half of sandy beach directly in front of the building, ideal for morning walks.

The rest of the week was full of beach trips, hikes, golf, shaved ice, snorkeling and just about everything else that Maui had to offer.  Along the way, Dylan managed to acquire a taste for sand.  So much so, that we were still finding sediment and sticks in his diapers several days after we returned home.

Before the vacation was over, we were already planning a return visit.  Hope you enjoy this slideshow of Dylan's first big trip!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Feed Me!

When Dylan started eating solid foods last week I was under the assumption that what my pediatrician said would be true, "The first few months of eating, he won't really be getting that much food, it's more about practicing how to move food around in his mouth. He'll really only eat about 1/4 of what you give him." Not true. Everyone knows this kid has liked to eat from day 1 and solids are no different. He doesn't even really play with the food because he doesn't want to waste any. At this point, everything is going in his mouth so we thought we might as well mix some edible things into the repertoire. Enjoy his amazing-ness. We do daily.

Things got really crazy when he tried pears for the first time...

Sunday, February 19, 2012


When I heard that a winter snow storm was headed toward the Seattle-area, I strategically planned a guys trip to North Carolina to watch some Duke basketball games.  Well, at least that's how it probably seemed to Darin.  In reality, my trip back east just HAPPENED to coincide with this year's big snow storm.

As I narrowly snuck out of town just three hours before the Seatac airport closed, Darin settled in for three wonderful days of cabin fever with our little man.

While I was off watching basketball, golfing and bar-hopping my way around Durham...

...Darin was "lucky" enough to have a few days at home with Dylan for his first snow storm.  I think she was excited about it at first, but got a little cagey toward the end.  She kept me updated with pictures of their bonding time throughout my trip.

Not surprisingly, the little guy was all tuckered out after a couple of play days with his mom.

...and his mom was pretty happy when I got home so she could pass him off and get some rest herself.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Aaaaaaand...We're Back

Yesterday was my 31st birthday...and I could barely even bring myself to celebrate because of the guilt I'm carrying around for abandoning the blog.  So, as a birthday gift to myself, I'm absolving the guilt and reigniting the blog.  Strike up the band.

We're going to do an accelerated recap (in pictures) of the last few months to bring you up to speed, starting with Christmas...

Pre-Christmas in Twisp
Chillin' with GGPA

Staring contest with Auntie Chere

Twisp River

Auntie Adrian and cousins Kathleen & David

Gordy, the mythical baby whisperer

Celebrity sighting...Luc Reynaud showing his serious side


Grandpa Dave...wonder where Dylan get's his ears and dome shape from...

Kisses from cousin Marcel and his Flock of Seagulls hairdo

Snuggle time with Auntie Brie

Ridin' dirty

Christmas in Camas
Grandma Rose

His favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

The Leisure Master

Dylan and Mario

Great Grandma Lin

La la la la Lola

Elliot looks into Dylan's soul

Great, Great Aunt Cay

Grandpa Dave is clearly not amused by Dylan's antics

Ridiculous Christmas Poses

...and last but not least, pictures with Santa

More to follow...